Three Questions

There’s an endless number of questions concerning globalism. I find that these three however, are at the top of the list to be answered. First, I have to ask what will be the next big breakthrough or change in globalism. The internet and all its accompanying features was one of the biggest changes recently in the field of globalism; strong enough to be a key component in bringing down the Berlin wall as stated by Thomas Friedman in his book “The World is Flat”. So you have to ask, what will be the next big thing? My next question corresponds with the first. What will the United States have to do concerning globalism to remain a superpower? If England was once the the most powerful country in the world, then it is only a matter of time before the U.S. begins to decrease in power as well. There are many other countries on the rise. What can we do to remain a superpower? My third question again correspond with the previous. What is or what will be something that prevents globalization on a major scale. Not only do we need to figure out what we need to do to stay ahead, we must also figure out what will become a problem in this field. Once this is pinpointed, we can then begin to work on stopping whatever it is that will present itself as a problem. These three questions go hand in hand and I feel are important in keeping ahead in the “world” of globalism.

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